Menaces sur la biodiversité

Threats on Moroccan biodiversity

Morocco has an exceptional natural heritage but there are many threats endangering its future.

Reduction of the Moroccan biodiversity :

several animal species are seriously threatened, the panther (it was considered as already extincted since 1995 but traces of a living population have been observed recently by a zoologist from the University of Alicante), the bald ibis, the berberian ape ... The berberian dear, which had disapeared in the wild since long, has been reintroduced in the National Park of Tazzeka. The thurifer juniper, a noble and majestuous tree now survives only on 10% of its potential distribution area. The cedar tree is threatened by an always larger sheep population, many young trees are grazed before they have a change to grow ! And there are much more threatened or even extincted species many of which are not so spectacular and famous.
Threats are serious, people need to be informed in order to change their behaviour. But is not easy to change habits.


Decrease of the water ressources and desertification :

The causes of the decrease are : waste (agriculture, industry, tourism...), losses in the water distribution network, pollution and climatic changes.
*source: ministère marocain de l'Aménagement du Territoire de l'Eau et de l'Environnement;