Moroccan Fauna: butterflies and insects

Some of the butterflies and insects which can be observed in Morocco :

Birds - Mammals, reptiles, amphibians

Never feed wild animals and do not buy any wild animal during your visit to Morocco !
Tortoises, cameleons, lizzards, birds sold on local markets are often taken from the wild and contribute to the extinction of wild species.

Butterflies are very fragile. They are a good indicator of the quality of environment of many rural regions of Morocco. Less pesticides and less pollution means more butterflies. Just look at them or take photos. Don't try to catch them.
Some insects or spiders can be frightening to hikers! if you encounter some do not kill them. Just move away! Of course if you camp in the wild be careful. There are some great natural repellents made from essential oil which you can buy in the souks.