Oualidia lagoon

Oualidia lagoon is one of the most beautiful natural sites of the Moroccan Atlantic coast, it is also a major bird watching site especially during the passage and the wintering of paleartic migratory birds. More than 50 species can be seen regularly in the lagoon.
The site is also famous for its oyster production and for enjoying grilled fresh fish and seafood on the beach after the return of fishing boats.

The beach on the ocean side to the north, on the other side of the lagoon is wild and beautiful, it is accessible by boat across the lagoon.

We recommend to discover the site off-season periods. Avoid July-August when it is overcrowded and practically deserted by birds and spend several nights on the spot.

Nature hiking : we recommend a hike on the crest path of the dunes which overlooks the ocean on the Northern side. Make a round trip from Oualidia otherwise you have to walk north about ten kilometers to find a passage to cross the lagoon and the saline, and get to the coastal road where you'll find a taxi to drive back to Oualidia.

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