The Mediterranean coast and the Rif

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Mountain range located in Northern Morocco between Tangiers in the west and Saïdia at the Algerian border in the East. The Rif has 2 National Parks :

- The National Park of Al Hoceima (Rif - Northern coast of Morocco)
- The National Park of Talassemtane (Western Rif), near Chefchaouen, one of Morocco's most picturesque little towns.

Our selection of places to stay in Northern Morocco and the Rif.

Hiking guide book : "Découverte à pied du Rif Occidental" de Mansour el Hilali, a complete guide to help you organize your hiking holiday in the Rif, available in Morocco in French only.

An association based in Chefchaouen working on the development of rural tourism. The association has developed a network of rural guesthouses throughout the mountains near Chefchaouen and they propose a choice of tours through the region. The association also has an office in Chefchaouen where one can buy quality regional farm products (olive oil, honey...) and local crafts. Website: Chaouen Rural