the National Park of Souss Massa in Morocco :

The National Park of Souss Massa is located on the Atlantic coast 40 km South of Agadir at the mouth of the Souss and Massa wadis (rivers), it covers an area of 83.500 acres (65 km long and 5 km large).
It shelters a flora of more than 300 species including 13 endemic species, it is a spot of passage, wintering or nesting for more than 275 bird species among which the last viable colony of bald ibis in the world !
The park is home of several wildlife sanctuaries including 2 (not accessible to the public) who represent major sites of reintroduction of some emblematic species of the fauna of the Sahara (the oryx, the addax, the gazelle and the red-necked ostrich).
The only sanctuary open to the public is the "Réserve de Massa", famous birdwatching site at the estuary of the Massa river (seasonal observation). The park also offers great wild beaches including some surfing spots.

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