the National Park of Tazekka :

The National Park of Tazekka is located in the Eastern part of the Middle-Atlas South of the city of Taza and it covers nearly 30.000 acres. The main centers of interests in the park are the Friouato cave, the most spectacular in Morocco, and the old cedar tree forests on top of the Jebel Tazekka, sheltering some impressive aged trees and offering some great panoramas. The park also has some beautiful oak tree forests (evergreen oaks, zen oaks, cork oaks) and presents an interesting and rich flora and fauna.
The emblematic animal of the park is the Berberian deer which was reintroduced in 1994 and now lives in a 1235 acres reserve of the cork oak (quercus suber) forest.
The national park offer nice hiking possibilities with 7 marked trails from 1,4 to 17 km.

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