Slow travel

What is Slow Travel or Slow Tourism

A new trend? A fashion effect? Certainly not, but rather a profound questioning of certain behaviours in the way we travel, such as the Slow Food movement in relation to the way we eat.
In a world where everything has to go fast, be done in a hurry, in real time, in which no one can wait, knowing how to take your time is becoming a luxury ! More and more people are concerned by a sustainable and ecological economy, but can such an economy really exist without a profound questioning the headlong rush ?
Wouldn't the first thing we have to do to stop this be to learn how to reclaim time?

Rediscover the pleasure of living at a slower pace, with more tranquility and give yourself time to enjoy moments of simple happiness. Slow travel, or slow-tourism is part of this process: take your time when you visit some place.. Take the time to stop somewhere, to immerse yourself in the place, the surrounding nature by taking the time to look, to taste, to listen, to exchange, with the people who live there in the respect of the differences, the locaal culture, the environment and the seasons.
A traveller in a hurry misses the essential, he is only a consumer of clichés. He sees, he flies, but he doesn't have time to live. As Moroccans say,"a man in a hurry is a man already dead".

The "slow" traveller will choose partners (local operators, agencies...) and structures (accommodations...) on a human scale, open to the world but firmly anchored in their terroir and environment. Slow travel is a way to travel less voracious, more ecological and more balanced.