How long does it take for
waste materials to decompose ?

Some waste materials left on the ground take a very long time to decompose and Morocco faces a major problem of waste accumulation in natural environment. This has very negative consequences, it is a major source of soil pollution and it spoils many of the country's natural sites giving a very negative image of Morocco to the foreign visitors.

Wherever you go, leave no trace !

Here are some examples of the time needed for waste to decompose :

All Moroccan and foreign tourists should adopt the "leave no trace" behavior. For example if you plan a picnic in a natural site it will be much easier to leave no trace if you use traditional products : bread, pastries, fruits, dry fruits (dates, apricots, figs, raisins...), almonds, nuts... Avoid modern products with non biodegradable packages. Collect all your waste and bring them back in a town where garbage collection is organized.

Plastic pollution : "Trashed" trailer.